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We will be instructor-led, providing users with comprehensive training materials and hands-on practice in structured training sessions. A variety of training methods, including presentations, open labs and web-based training will be utilized to best complement the different systems. The goal of training is to provide tools that help users recognize, remember, and utilize the ERP System Applications.

SRD is a highly successful company in the Oracle ERP Consulting, Development and Training,Our training mode will be both online training and class room training.SRD has been a leading provider of Oracle ERP services. We are known for providing the best service experience and taking great care of our clients and students,and also we are placed students in all MNC’S in India and Abroad.


Who We are

SRD Consultancy Services are suited for institutions that do not have the expertise or manpower, or want to supplement their own efforts.SRD Consultancy Services will also suit those institutions to conducting the workshops throughout India in all Business Schools and Technological Universities that helps to, students are aware of the ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning )System from end to end and prepare the project reports for implementation on their own or by availing with the help of SRD Consultancy Services.

ERP  - 50%
Oracle - 75%
Oracle ERP   - 60%
SEO   - 45%
Content Development - 35%



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