Oracle iSourcing Syllabus

Oracle iSourcing Syllabus

Setting Up


Oracle Sourcing Implementation Steps

Set the Enterprise Name

Define System Profile Options

Assign Sourcing Responsibilities

Define Buyer Security

Set Up Attribute Groups and Requirement Sections

Set Up Negotiations Configuration

Subscribe to Notifications

Register Suppliers and Supplier Users

Define Negotiation Terms and Conditions

Define Reusable Attribute Lists

Define Reusable Requirement Lists

Define Cost Factors and Cost Factor Lists

Define Reusable Invitation Lists

Define Negotiation Styles

Define Purchasing Document Style

Define Negotiation Templates

Create Abstracts and Forms

Set Up Document Print Layouts

Set Up Demand Workbench

Enable Award Approval

Enable Sourcing Optimization

Enable Oracle Procurement Contracts

Enable Oracle Services Procurement

Set Up Inbox for Notifications

Set Up Enhanced Supplier Search Feature

Enable Supplier Site Access

Enable Supplier Scorecard

Customize Content

Customize Two Stage RFQ

Extend Sourcing Business Events

Maintaining and Administering Oracle Sourcing


Supplier Registration and Profile Maintenance

Deactivating Supplier Contacts

Deactivating a Supplier Site

Suppliers on Purchase Order Hold Status

Canceling or Deleting a Negotiation

Using Sourcing Events

Unlocking Draft Negotiations

Using the Concurrent Manager to Administer Large Negotiations

Applications Setup