Oracle iSupplier Syllabus

Oracle iSupplier Syllabus

Setting Up

Product Overview

Core Features of Oracle iSupplier Portal

Purchase Order Collaboration

Shipment Notices

Invoices and Payments

Inventory Management

Supplier Management

Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Create Advanced Shipment Notice or Advanced Shipment Billing Notice

Create Invoice

Oracle iSupplier Portal Setup

Implementation Prerequisites


Setup Steps

Assign Responsibilities to Internal Users

Apply Securing Attributes to Custom Responsibilities

Enable Function Security

Enable Profile Options

Implementing Supplier User Management

Overview of Supplier User Management

Implementing Supplier User Management

Flag External Responsibilities

Set Default Application Responsibilities (Required for Invitation

Set the Web Server URLs (Required for Invitation

Assign Supplier User Administrator Responsibility

Implementing Flexible Prospective Supplier Registration (and Profile Management)

Prospective Supplier Registration, Supplier Profiles, and Management Groups

Implementing Prospective Supplier Registration and Profile Management

Implementing Supplier Management Groups

Plan Your Supplier Management Groups

Create Your Supplier Management Groups

Create Customized Responsibilities for Buyer Approvers

Assign Customized Responsibilities to Users

Set Default Application Responsibilities

Create Striped Registration Page Links

Supplier and Supplier User Administration

Introduction to Supplier Administration

Defining Standard Suppliers

Employee Information and Supplier Registration

Supplier User Registration and Maintenance

Notifications, Messages

Create ASN Workflow and Purchase Order Acknowledgement Workflow