Oracle Purchase Order Syllabus

Oracle Purchase Order Syllabus

Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up

Defining Locations

Defining Buyers

Defining Approval Groups

Assigning Approval Groups

Defining Purchasing Options

Defining Receiving Options

Defining Requisition Templates

Defining Lookup Codes

Line Types in Purchasing Documents

Defining Line Types

Defining Document Types

Controlling Purchasing Periods

Approval, Security, and Control

Setting Up Document Approval and Security

Position Hierarchies

Document Security and Access

Approval Routing

Approval Authorization Control

Defining Approval Authorization Rules

Using Approval Assignments

Assigning Employees

The Document Approval Process

Submitting a Document for Approval


Overview of Requisitions

Requisition Types

Reserving Funds for Requisitions

Overview of Internal Requisitions

Demand for Internal Requisitions

Internal Requisition Approvals

Creation of Internal Sales Orders

Entering RFQs

Overview of RFQs

Managing RFQs

Entering Quotations

Overview of Quotations

Managing Quotations

Copying Quotations from RFQs

Purchase Orders

Overview of Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Types.

Purchase Order Features

AutoCreate Documents Overview

Overview of Automatic Sourcing

Setting Up Automatic Sourcing

Defining Sourcing Rules

Approved Supplier List

ASL Business Needs

Defining Approved Supplier Statuses

Defining the Supplier and Item/Commodity Combination


Overview of Receiving

Centralized Purchasing for Multiple Receiving Organizations

Receiving Locations

Movement Statistics

Receiving Controls, Options, and Profiles

Receipt Tolerances

Return Material Authorizations (RMAs

Purchasing Reports

Purchasing Profile Options