Oracle Work In Process Syllabus

Oracle Work In Process

Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up

Related Product Setup Steps

Defining WIP Parameters

WIP Accounting Classes

Discrete Accounting Classes

Repetitive Accounting Classes

Valuation and Variance Accounts

Shop Floor Statuses

Discrete Manufacturing

Overview of Discrete Manufacturing

Setting Up Discrete Manufacturing

Non-Standard Discrete Jobs

Overview of Non-Standard Discrete Jobs

Standard Versus Non-Standard Discrete Jobs

Flow Manufacturing

Overview of Flow Manufacturing

Repetitive Manufacturing

Overview of Repetitive Manufacturing

Material Control

Overview of Material Control

Setting Up Material Control

Material Requirements Control

Component Issues and Returns

Component Issue and Return Transaction Options

Viewing Material Transactions

WIP Material Transaction Types

Phantom Assemblies

Bills of Material Parameters for Phantoms

Routing and Routing Revision Numbers

Assemble To Order (ATO Phantoms

Assembly Completions and Returns

Completion Transaction Types

Completing and Returning Assemblies

Shop Floor Control

Overview of Shop Floor Control

Move Transactions

Outside Processing

Overview of Outside Processing

Introduction to Outside Processing

Outside Processing Setup and Planning