Order Management Syllabus

Order Management Syllabus

Setting Up

MultiOrg Access Control

Profile Options

Setting OM System Parameters

Defining Parameters

Setting Parameter Values

Seeded System Parameters

Define QuickCodes

Define Document Sequences for Order Numbering

Define Order Management Transaction Types

Define Order Import Sources

Defining Processing Constraints

Define Defaulting Rules

Define Credit Checking Rules

Defining Credit Check Rules

Deactivating Credit Checking

Define Automatic Holds

Define Attachments

User Item Description

Setup for Related Items


Oracle Pricing Setup

Overview of Basic Pricing

Oracle Advanced Pricing Versus Basic Pricing

Pricing Terminology

Basic Pricing Features

Setting Up Basic Pricing

Overview of Pricing Security

Overview of Price Lists

Maintaining Price Lists

Price List Features

Overview of Formulas

Overview of Modifiers

Implementing Modifiers

Types of Adjustments

Oracle Configurator Setup Requirements



Order Entry

Negotiation in Order Management


Sales Orders

Process Steps

Sales Agreements

Internal Sales Orders

Returns and Credits

Process Flow


Shipping Execution Setup

Overview of Setup

Setup Steps

Profile Options

Roles and Users

Defining a New Role

Copying an Existing Role

Granting a Role to a User

Finding Grants and Roles

Updating a User’s Grant

Defining Shipping Parameters

Defining Pick Release Parameters

Defining Shipping Transaction Parameters

Defining Delivery Parameters

Transportation Parameters

Defining Freight Carriers and Ship Methods

Ship Method

Defining Freight Costs

Defining Document Sequences

Defining Document Categories

Assigning Document Sequences to Document Categories

Defining Shipping Document Sets

Defining Pick Slip Grouping Rules

Defining Release Rules

Defining Release Sequence Rules

Defining Line (Transaction Types)

Defining Order Transaction Types

Assigning Workflows to Transaction Types

Workflow Validation

Creating a Document Sequence

Assign a Document Sequence

Line Flow: Generic, Performance

Defaulting Rules

Pricing and Availability


Order Organizer


Creating & Managing Folders in Oracle Application

Order Information

Calculating Available to Promise (ATP)

Manual Reservations

Reservation Time Fence

Reservation Details Window

Reservations Details Window

Reserve Orders

Reservation Modes


Backorder at Pick Release

Backorder at Ship Confirmation

ATO Line Status Flow

Bill Only Line Status Flow

Returns Line Status Flow

Drop Ship Line Status Flow

Order and Delivery Line Statuses

Fulfillment Flows

Configure To Order

Process Steps

Configured Item Workflow

Related Processes

Global Order Promising for ATO Models

Decimal Quantity for options of an ATO Model

BacktoBack Orders


Sales Order Process

Purchasing Process

Sales Order Line Status


Quick Sales Orders